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Where better to film a fruit recipe than in a strawberry field. So off I went with the talented food-writer and cook Ren Behan from

Our studio was Bullscroft Farm in Hertfordshire and the set was an old wooden seat and strawberry sign found at the farm. We were also joined on the shoot by Ren’s very patient daughter.

Ren Strawberries July 2013.Still003-4

I filmed Ren and her daughter picking the fruit and the transformation into delicious Summer Fruit with amaretti biscuits and hot chocolate sauce – the full recipe by Jamie Oliver is at the end of this post. Worth trying out.

I used my DSLR plus Zacuto Z Finder with a mix of handheld shoulder rig and tripod shooting. To dim the midday summer sun the graduated neutral density filter by Heliopan came in very handy. The great thing about this set up is it takes up hardly any space and is self contained. Great news for the farmer who was pleased we didn’t turn up in a massive lorry.

me filming strawberry-2

The short film (under 60 seconds) was featured on Jamie Oliver’s website and we were thrilled to see that nearly 7,000 people around the world watched it. Thank you for your support, we hope you enjoyed it.

Ren and I were excited to get a surprise tweet from Jamie Oliver to say “Great job, nicely done babe”.

You can see our Strawberry Picking film here. Please let us know what you think.

Summer Fruit Treats from Michelle Becker on Vimeo.

Ren and I worked together last year on our Cake Creation film that was Finalist in the

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The full recipe can be found at:



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